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Representative Cases:

Adam became a member of the State Bar of Georgia in 2006. Since then, he has handled hundreds of cases in federal and state courts throughout Georgia, in 20+ counties. He has also handled cases in more than a dozen other states across the country.

Here are some examples:

General Business Cases

  • Represented defendants in long-running dispute over $25+ million shipbuilding business in Savannah that involved allegations of fraud, breach of duty and contract, and misappropriation. Case resulted in summary judgment for defendants, which was affirmed on appeal.
  • Successful reversal on appeal for plaintiff in a $2+ million breach of contract and business tort case involving manufacturing companies.
  • As lead counsel, successful defense of surgeon and medical practice in partnership dispute involving allegations of fraud and forgery; defeated motion for preliminary injunction, which then led to favorable settlement for client.
  • Negotiated dismissal of state agency’s formal investigation into manufacturer client stemming from warranty complaints.
  • As lead counsel, obtained favorable settlement for plaintiff mechanical contractor in $500,000 federal breach of contract case against Fortune 500 food processing and distribution company.
  • Obtained preliminary injunction (and then favorable settlement) in federal court for plaintiff in dispute between telecommunication providers over fiber optic lines in South Georgia.
  • Counsel for plaintiff in federal case in California involving botched merger of Internet security software companies. 
  • Lead defense counsel in 3-day bench trial involving corporate fraud allegations at an Atlanta church, and wrongful transfer of church property.

Real Estate/Construction Cases

  • As lead trial counsel, obtained $850,000 bench trial verdict, including attorneys’ fees, in real estate contract dispute concerning zoning regulations for an upscale residential community.
  • Successful defense in action alleging billboard maintenance easement rights over hotel property on I-285; defeated motion for preliminary injunction.
  • Defense counsel in alleged $1+ million construction defect case involving an office park.

Government Eminent Domain/Condemnation Cases

  • Obtained favorable jury verdict for the government in $2 million condemnation/business loss case involving acquisition of property for 5th runway expansion at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and handled successful defense of verdict on appeal.
  • Favorable settlement for the government in a complex dispute involving 100-year old sewer easements in a historic Atlanta neighborhood.
  • Counsel for property owner in case involving condemnation of land for county highway re-route project.
  • Favorable settlement for the government in inverse condemnation and nuisance action involving sewer/stormwater upgrades.
  • Successful defense on appeal for the government in property owner’s suit regarding compensation for utility easement.
  • Counsel for bank that held a security interest in property involved in litigation over condemnation of utility easement.
  • Counsel for the government in series of condemnation and nuisance actions involving deep tunnel sewer upgrades in Midtown Atlanta.

Trademark/Trade Secret/Unfair Competition Cases

  • Represented plaintiff natural gas company in long-running federal court dispute with competitor involving trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition.
  • Obtained summary judgment for defendants in trade secret and breach of contract case between competing online mortgage brokers.
  • Obtained sanctions award for natural gas company in federal trade secret and employment case in Florida based on former employee’s destruction of electronic documents.
  • As lead counsel, obtained permanent injunction for plaintiff manufacturer in case involving counterfeit of trademarked personal beauty products.

Mortgage/Banking Cases

  • Successful defense of company in a federal wrongful foreclosure class action that alleged forged mortgage records, notary fraud, and unfair debt collection practices; obtained dismissal in the trial court and presented successful oral argument to affirm that dismissal in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Obtained declaratory judgment for plaintiff bank in $360,000 residential lien priority dispute; argued successful motion for judgment on the pleadings.
  • Successful defense of corporate defendant in a “bet the company” class action alleging a nationwide scheme of unauthorized practice of law and fee-splitting in residential foreclosures; obtained grant of summary judgment for defendant.
  • As lead counsel, obtained dismissal and frivolous litigation sanctions award for client against plaintiff and counsel in a residential wrongful foreclosure case where plaintiff engaged in scheme to defraud lenders using aliases and forged documents.
  • Obtained dismissal of government’s action against bank involving abandoned property destroyed by fire.
  • Obtained dismissal of dozens of residential wrongful foreclosure actions alleging many novel theories of recovery, and handled successful defense of each on appeal.

Securities Cases

  • Junior counsel for defendant in successful defense of $100+ million securities fraud case involving Fortune 20 company’s acquisition of Georgia company; assisted in research and briefing efforts that resulted in total appellate victory for client.
  • Member of trial team in successful defense of SEC allegations of insider trading against an Atlanta real estate developer. After 4-day federal bench trial, case resulted in a total defense verdict. (See here).
  • Counsel to defendant in successful defense of SEC allegations of insider trading in federal district court. Result of case after trial was a complete defense verdict.
  • Favorable settlement for defendants in federal securities fraud case involving investors in oil and natural gas partnerships in Nebraska and Colorado.

Insurance Coverage Dispute Cases

  • Counsel for insurer in commercial policy coverage dispute involving a fatal four-person airplane crash in a federal park.
  • Counsel for insurer in environmental policy coverage dispute involving large hydrochloric acid spill.
  • Counsel for insurer in commercial policy coverage dispute involving a four-person airplane crash in a municipal golf course involving serious injuries.
  • Counsel for insurer in commercial policy coverage dispute involving a three-person helicopter crash involving a fatality and serious injuries.